Топик по английскому языку "Sport - Спорт"

Топик Sport - Спорт

A lot of people never exercise. They often eat the wrong food as well. These people become unhealthy. In our family all of us are careful about our food and exercise a lot. My brother and father run five kilometers a day. They are very healthy. They like swimming and running. My father doesn’t drink any alcohol and he never smokes. My Mum and I do aerobics at the weekend. I always eat some fruit for breakfast: an apple and an orange. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I never eat any sugar. It’s very bad for teeth.

My brother does a lot of sports: swimming, cycling, yoga and jogging. He likes swimming, because it is good for the bag. Cycling is good for the legs, and it’s relaxing. Yoga is good for breathing. It’s also very relaxing. Jogging is good for losing weight, and also very good for breathing. It’s very good for the heart, too. I like tennis very much. Tennis is fun, and very exciting. It’s very good for arms and legs. I like a lot.

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